Buying a Used Car: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Buying a second-hand car is most certainly a risky proposition, yet the odds are still in your favour that you will end up with a car that offers good value for money. In this article, we will take a look at a few worst-case scenarios that you could encounter when investing in a used car.

Victim of an Unscrupulous Care Dealer

They are out there, and the way they operate is to acquire a car that is far from perfect, then using considerable skills, body damage can be hidden and noises in the engine mysteriously disappear, temporarily of course. One trick is to fill the engine with very thick grade oil, which takes away the tell-tale sound of a worn crankshaft, but after a while, the oil gets hot and the noises return! These dodgy car dealers tend to move around, as word gets around in a community, so they move on to new pastures.

Bad Luck

You could buy a car that looks great and after a thorough inspection, nothing untoward is found, so you decide to go ahead and the very next morning, the engine seizes up! In such a case, the seller is not to blame, as he or she had no idea this was about to happen, and if you want to avoid such a thing, buy from used car dealers in Canberra who offer a warranty.

Buying a Stolen Vehicle

This does happen, with some clever copying of ownership documents, although it is much rarer today that it was a few years ago. Always take a good look at the log book, and you can check the engine block number on the car to see if it corresponds to the one in the logbook. How easy would this be to actually do? Well, all the person needs to do is find a car of the same make, model and colour and copy that vehicle’s registration plate, and when a check is carried out, all would seem to be in order. It is only when you look deeper that you would find any discrepancy.

Zero Warranty

Buying a car from a private seller usually means ‘sold as seen’, and that is a zero warranty, which offers you no protection at all. A car is a very complex machine and things can go wrong at any time, and should there be a major issue the day after you purchase the vehicle, you would have no legal recourse. This is one reason to always use a used car dealer who has a good reputation, as they will always give you some form of warranty on the vehicle.

Two Cars Welded Together

Yes, this does happen, when a dubious dealer takes the front end of a car that has rear end damage and welds it to the rear end taken from a car with front end damage. Of course, any car mechanic would spot this if he looked at the car on a ramp, yet the average person would have no idea they are buying a collage of two separate cars.

It is always best to buy a used car from an established used car dealer.








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